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Unio displays your lessons on student devices, lets you track progress & give instant 1:1 feedback. 

I can view students’ screens at a glance and quickly see who needs support.

Rosemary Dray, Maths Teacher

Students can work through the lesson at their own pace and don’t get distracted by how slowly or quickly other students are working.

Diljit Hardy, Science Teacher

Unio allows me to adapt the lesson to every student so that everyone is challenged.

Joe Blaney, Deputy Head Teacher


Get a real-time insight into student understanding. Give personalised support to students who need it most and improve learning outcomes.

Widely acknowledged as one of the most impactful learning innovations worldwide, Unio is ranked as one of the top 50 global Education Companies by Tyton Global Growth 50. It is certified by Finland's Kokoa Standard and is the European winner of the Global EdTech Startup Awards.

Display your lessons on student devices 

  • Easily create lessons in Unio or upload Powerpoint or Google Slides
  • Add quizzes, polls, audio, video and web links
  • Display lessons on student devices for live, two-way interaction

Support student progress in real time

  • See how every student is progressing in real time 
  • Give instant whole-class or 1:1 personalised feedback
  • Easily evaluate every student's engagement and progress 

Empower all students to participate 

  • Students use powerful editing tools to articulate their learning 
  • They can ask you for guidance through shared screens
  • Students are more focused and stay on task longer 

See how Unio makes classrooms come alive: 

Finland loves us.
And if anyone knows education, it's Finland.

Rated as one of the best educational apps by Finland's leading education experts.

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Engage your students with Unio's powerful features

  • Create interactive lessons in minutes 
  • Import PowerPoint, Google Slides, Word or PDF
  • Use the inbuilt editor to easily create your lessons in Unio
  • Add images, video, audio and web links to lessons 
  • Add self-marking quizzes and polls
  • Display your lessons on student devices
  • See all of your students' screens in real time 
  • Students can annotate on the lesson slides
  • Students can send you questions
  • Share individual student's screens with the whole class
  • Give whole class and 1:1 feedback 
  • Give students quick feedback with emoticons
  • Take control of students' screens to give targeted support 
  • Use audio recording to give students verbal feedback
  • Save and export students' work with all your feedback 
  • Unlimited lesson storage​
  • Customer support via live chat
  • Access on all your devices

Annual school wide subscriptions start at £800  

Why the UK's leading educators love Unio

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Unio is perfect from a teaching point of view. I can allow students to work at their own pace, giving them ownership over their learning. I can view all student screens at a glance, identify any off-task behaviour and quickly identify students who need support.

Rose Dray, Secondary School Maths Teacher
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Class collaboration is very important to us at The Royal Kent School. The interactive screens were pivotal in our choice of Unio and now I can monitor the progress of 30 students at once in a live lesson.

Joe Blaney, Deputy  Head Teacher,  Royal Kent School
John Doe UI/UX Designer

With Unio, my students can work through the lesson at my pace or at their own pace — they’re not going to get distracted because they’re having to wait for the rest of the class. It just makes it so much easier to manage the class.

Diljit Hardy, Science Teacher, Lutterworth College 
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Unio will ultimately lead to enhanced student outcomes because you can pause the entire class, or individuals, and then assist them with any misconceptions, which is huge! These facts allow for improved diagnostics which ultimately enables better progress.

Christina Bury,  Director of Learning,  Felsted Preparatory School
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Unio gives me all the necessary insights to appropriately differentiate learning experiences to meet all my students' learning needs.”

Shaun Melind,  Head of English, The Independent Schools Foundation Academy
John Doe UI/UX Designer

It’s a great tool. It’s been designed with teachers for teachers. It can enhance learning in the classroom and has been shown to engage learners too”

Mark Anderson, Educator & Author, Founder
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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