Recognised as one of the most impactful learning innovations worldwide.

Unio is ranked as one of the top 50 global Education companies by Tyton Partners, certified by Finland’s Kokoa Standard and is the European winner of the Global EdTech Startup Awards.


Unio is used by educators around the world to promote active learning.

Create interactive lessons

Create interactive lessons

  • Include quizzes and polls
  • Add audio, video, and web links
  • Upload PowerPoints + Google Slides
Display lessons on student devices

Display lessons on student devices

  • All you need is a browser – no download
  • Project your lesson onto student devices
  • Students access the lesson with a join code
Empower all students to participate

Empower all students to participate

  • Keep watch with a real time view of student progress
  • Identify students who need support quickly
  • Quick finishers move on to the next task
Immediate teacher feedback

Immediate teacher feedback

  • Easily evaluate every student’s progress
  • Instant whole-class or 1:1 personalised feedback
  • Students can ask for guidance

Finland loves us. And if anyone knows education, it's Finland.

Rated as one of the best educational apps by Finland’s leading education experts.

Unio Scored 94% on the Finnish Evaluation

Because of its ability to consistently challenge and engage students, Kokoa rated Unio’s pedagogical approach at 94%.

The tools teachers want. The feedback students need

Create interactive lessons, share them with students, assess in real-time and give instant feedback to move learning forward.

Create interactive lessons in minutes

Combine your existing resources with clever software tools to open up new, interactive learning experiences for your students.

  • Upload your PDF, Word, Powerpoint docs or Google Slides.

  • Bring learning to life by adding audio, video, images and web links.

  • Integrate assessment tools throughout your lessons including quizzes and polls.

Display your lesson on student devices

Project your lessons to students’ devices via shared online screens, and let them engage with the material — and with you.

  • Track your students’ work in real time from your device.

  • Students can annotate on the lesson slides.

  • Encourage student-centered learning by ‘desyncing’ and letting them set their own pace.

Get instant insights into student learning

Easily launch in-class activities, like quizzes and polls, at any time during the lesson.

  • Use quizzes and polls to assess student understanding throughout the lesson.

  • Ease your workload with quiz-results that auto populate in real time, giving you instant insight.

  • Display and analyse student performance in a variety of ways, as well as downloading them.

Give instant whole class and 1:1 feedback

React to your students’ learning in real-time with feedback and guidance by taking control over individual student screens.

  • Instantly respond to student work with emoticons.

  • Take control of students’ screens to give targeted support.

  • Use audio recording to give students verbal feedback.


Unlimited lesson storage​

Training and support with lesson creation

Customer support via live chat

Access on all your devices

Contact us for a demo and for a quote for your school. 

See why some of the UK's leading educators love Unio

We showed Unio to a group of educators and asked them for their feedback! This is what they said.

It’s a great tool. It’s been designed with teachers for teachers. It can enhance learning in the classroom and has been shown to engage learners too

Mark Anderson Educator & Author Founder

Unio gives me all the necessary insights to appropriately differentiate learning experiences to meet all my students’ learning needs.

Shaun Melind Head of English The Independent Schools Foundation Academy

Unio will ultimately lead to enhanced student outcomes because you can pause the entire class, or individuals, and then assist them with any misconceptions, which is huge! These facts allow for improved diagnostics which ultimately enables better progress.

Christina Bury Director of Learning Felsted Preparatory School

Unio is perfect from a teaching point of view. I can allow students to work at their own pace, giving them ownership over their learning. I can view all student screens at a glance, identify any off-task behaviour and quickly identify students who need support.

Rose Dray Maths Teacher Secondary School

Class collaboration is very important to us at The Royal Kent School. The interactive screens were pivotal in our choice of Unio and now I can monitor the progress of 30 students at once in a live lesson.

Joe Blaney Deputy Head Teacher Royal Kent School

With Unio, my students can work through the lesson at my pace or at their own pace — they’re not going to get distracted because they’re having to wait for the rest of the class. It just makes it so much easier to manage the class.

Diljit Hardy Science Teacher Lutterworth College

Get started easily. Super simple technology that takes minutes to set up

Immediate teacher feedback

Any Device

Works on any desktop, laptop, or tablet

No Download

No Download

Access Unio via any web browser

Easy Access

Easy Access

Students join your lesson with a code