Gain an instant insight into your students' understanding

With our award-winning interactive lesson delivery and real-time assessment platform

React in real-time to your students' learning

An interactive lesson delivery and formative assessment tool that gives teachers a real-time insight into student understanding of a lesson.

Centred around shared online individual whiteboards between the teacher and student, Unio By Harness allows teachers to:

  • Easily identify and focus on parts of the lesson that students find most challenging
  • Intervene and provide one-to-one support to individual students who need it most
  • Ensure students are on the same page as teachers
  • Allow students to access their own version of the lesson material and annotate on it for future use

Through an extensive range of pedagogically driven features, Unio By Harness helps teachers boost student engagement, participation and attainment.

What teachers are saying about Unio

"Using Unio is a far more personalised way of learning - it is both a way of keeping pupils with you and engaged, and enabling pupils to lead their own learning. There are so many features of a lesson all in one place, if you embrace it fully it will make your life easier!"

Christina Bury - Director of Learning, Felsted Preparatory School​

A Simple Four Step Process to Real-Time Learning

A range of powerful education tools ready to use in your class today!


Prepare engaging lessons that your students will love

Use Your Existing Content

Unio By Harness works with your existing lessons; simply upload your content and you have a ready-made lesson immediately available for your class!

Creative Media

Add videos and images to your lessons to bring the lesson concepts to life. Add activities such as polls and quizzes to boost engagement.

Device Agnostic

Unio By Harness is easy to access via a web browser and designed to work on all internet enabled classroom desktops, laptops and tablets, without the need for difficult setup.


An unparalleled level of interactivity with students through shared interactive whiteboards

Shared Screens

Display your lessons on all classroom devices instantly, allowing each student to view and save their own versions, acting as a digital notebook for revision.

Individual Annotation

Encourage independent learning by allowing students to make personalised annotations directly on the lesson content within their device which the teacher sees in real time.

Students As Presenters 

(Coming Soon!) 

Empower students and highlight excellent work by instantly presenting a student screen to the rest of the devices in the classroom


Immediate data about each student's and the overall class' understanding

Real-time Assessment

Use the quiz facility to build and send interactive tests, see results in real-time, gaining instant feedback on your students' level of understanding.

Monitoring & Control

Unio By Harness lets you monitor all student screens in real-time to check that they are on task. Teachers can annotate directly on student screens to give feedback.

Reporting Tools

(Coming Soon!) 

You can view and export and print reports on student performance over time to gain an instant overview of their progression.


Provide immediate feedback and intervention to those who need it most

1:1 Communication

Inbuilt 'ask a question' features mean a student can confidentially ask for help and you can reply directly on their screen using annotation, text and other tools.

Provide Feedback

Feedback icons offer a quick way to show students they are on track. In the tap of a screen you can digitally reward and encourage your class, student by student.

Pose Questions

Create follow up questions in an instant. Send your pop quiz to students to offer nudges in the right direction or really test just how much they do understand.

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