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Real time engagement, one-to-one student support, formative assessment

Interactive Lesson Delivery System for your Classroom

Engage students within a teacher-controlled online collaborative learning environment

Unio provides teachers with a secure digital space to plan and deliver engaging lessons, offer one-to-one support, gain an immediate insight into student understanding and transform learning outcomes.

It does this through an extensive range of pedagogically driven classroom management features that have been designed to boost student engagement, participation and attainment.

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Shared Whiteboards

Shared online interactive whiteboards mean lessons can be displayed on all class devices simultaneously and annotated separately by each student, acting as a personal online notebook for revision.

Access to Content

You can instantly access and import a wealth of rich educational content from a range of online sources, or upload your existing lesson into your Unio whiteboard workspace immediately!

Instant Classroom


With Unio you are able to quickly create a private digital workspace for any class, without the need for time consuming student registration, and to deliver a pre-loaded lesson or build one there and then.

One-to-one Support

Inbuilt 'raise a hand' and 'ask a question' features mean a student can confidentially ask for help and you can reply directly on their screen using annotation tools, including emoticons.

Monitoring & Control

Unio let’s you monitor all student screens in real time to check that they are on task and you can select and broadcast an individual’s screen to the whole class - or set up work groups, each with a shared whiteboard.


You can set assignments and before, during and after the class or use the quiz facility to build and send interactive tests, gaining instant feedback on your students' level of understanding.

Lesson Videos


With one-click recording you can create and immediately publish a video of your lesson, ready for students to use as a revision aid or to share your expertise with other teachers.

Reporting Tools

You can view, export and print reports on student performance over time to gain an instant overview of their progression and also to show evidence of learning to the school leadership team.

Device Agnostic

Unio is easy to access via a web browser and designed to work on all internet enabled classroom desktops, laptops and tablets, without the need for difficult setup or time-consuming installations.

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