How Teachers use Unio in Class

We have partnered with teachers and ICT specialists to show you the many ways you can use Unio in your classroom to increase student engagement, assess student learning in real-time and  personalise your lesson delivery so all students have the best possible chance of learning.

Mark Anderson, former school leader with more than twenty years of experience in the classroom, voted as the most influential person in education technology in the UK & Europe, explains how to use Unio in your classroom. You can also read Mark's review of Unio here

Richard Byrne, founder of, former high school social studies teacher and five time winner of he Edublogs Award for Best Resource Sharing Blog, will show you how to use Unio to deliver interactive lessons in your classroom. You can read Richard's review of Unio here

John Galloway, a teacher and teacher trainer with more than 30 years' experience, specialising in ICT, SEN and Inclusion in schools discusses how to use Unio for student self-reflection. You can access John's self reflection lesson by registering for a free Unio account