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Welcome to Unio By Harness

We believe technology should make teachers’ lives easier. This is why we worked closely with teachers to make sure Unio By Harness had the features that would help boost student engagement, participation and attainment.

Designed to be very easy to use, it only takes a few minutes to register and set up Unio By Harness on any internet-connected device.

A Range of Great Features

​Shared online interactive whiteboards

Unio by Harness is centered around an on-screen whiteboard, which the teacher shares with all his or her students in real time, on their own devices - allowing each individual student to add their own drawn or typed annotations to the lesson material.

Teachers can upload, embed and annotate digital content, including videos, ahead of the lesson - or there and then in the classroom.

Prior to the lesson teachers can send students preparatory material, such as web links and documents - or even flip the classroom by sending students the entire lesson.

Access to content

You can instantly access and import a wealth of rich educational content from a range of online sources, or upload your existing lesson into your Unio whiteboard workspace immediately!

​Unio By Harness features a simple drag and drop uploader to make adding your existing lesson content easy. Whether it be text based documents, images or PowerPoint presentations, we've got you covered!

What's more, we provide access to a range online educational repositories, meaning you have immediate access to an ever expanding bank of lesson content at your finger tips.​

​One-to-one support

We understand there are times in class when a student doesn't want to disrupt the flow of the lesson. We also understand that some students are just not confident to admit they are stuck, raise their hand and ask for help. 

Unio By Harness includes an 'ask a question' features, so that students can discretely alert the teacher to their needing more assistance. As a teacher, you can reply directly on their screens through annotation, text, emoticons and more, offering one-to-one support when needed.

Monitoring and control

Unio By Harness allows the teacher to maintain complete control over the classroom by providing the ability to monitor all students' screens in real time, locking access at the touch of a button when required. The intuitive dashboard enables teachers to instantly determine which students are on task and which are not, offering personalised interventions.

An individual student's screen can be broadcast to the whole class to enhance peer-to-peer learning, or be shared with a collection of other students for specific group work.

Real-time & summative assessments

Unio By Harness comes complete with a range of real-time assessment tools, allowing teachers to gain an instant overview of student understanding.

Using the drag and drop quiz builder, interactive tests can be sent to the class for completion. As each student completes the test, teachers are given real-time reports about the level of understanding, making it easy to see whether any students need additional support, or if the whole class is ready to move on to something else.

For more in depth assessments, students can be tasked with completing assignments in the form of text-based documents, image uploads or even video broadcasts to build an online portfolio of learning.​

Reporting tools

Extensive reporting tools built in to Unio By Harness allow teachers to view, export and print details about student performance over time.

The visual charts provide an instant overview of student progression, enabling you to easily identify any students that need a little extra support, and share evidence of learning to the school leadership team.

Device agnostic

Unio By Harness is an in-browser solution that has been purposely designed to work on all internet enabled classroom desktops, laptops and tablets.

Whether through your existing classroom technology or via a BYOD policy, integrating Unio By Harness into your class is a straightforward task with no need for new devices or time-consuming installations.



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