Create interactive lessons, share them with students, assess in real-time & give instant feedback to move learning forward


Combine your existing resources with clever software tools to open up new, interactive learning experiences for your students.

Upload your PDF, Word, Powerpoint docs or Google Slides to create an interactive lesson in minutes.

Bring learning to life by adding audio, video, images and web links.

Integrate assessment tools throughout your lessons including quizzes and polls.

See your annotations and comments populate your students’ screens in real time.

Let students make their own annotations to revise or create a digital learning journal.

Encourage student-centered learning by ‘desyncing’ and letting them set their own pace.


Project your lessons to students via shared online screens, and let them engage with the material — and with you.


Easily launch in-class activities, like quizzes and polls, at any time during the lesson.

Use quizzes and polls to assess student understanding throughout the lesson

Ease your workload with quiz-results that auto populate in real time, giving you instant insight.

Display and analyse student performance in a variety of ways, as well as downloading them.

Use the class overview to monitor students’ work in real-time, and easily evaluate their progression.

Give students quick feedback on specific topics with icon-based reactions and direct messages.

Drill down with 1:1 teaching by taking control over students’ screens and give targeted support.


React to your students’ learning in real-time with feedback and guidance by taking control over individual student screens.

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