Gain a real time insight into your students' understanding & give them the feedback that moves learning forward. 

Created with teachers for teachers, Unio is an interactive lesson delivery and formative assessment tool that gives teachers real-time insight into student understanding and the tools to provide targeted, one-to-one support that moves the learning forward.

Create interactive lessons

Create lessons in minutes using your existing PowerPoint, Word or PDF documents. Bring them to life with videos, polls and quizzes.

Share Screens in Real Time

Display your lessons on all student devices and monitor individual students in real time. Students can save and access lessons after class.

Assess With Ease

Assess students throughout your lessons with quizzes and polls. Use powerful tools to give personalised feedback.

Getting Up-And-Running is Easy!

Launch your first lesson with Unio in 3 easy steps.


Upload one of your existing lessons in PowerPoint, Word or PDF format 


Add quizzes, polls, videos and web links


Project your lessons onto students' screens, and monitor progress

How Unio Supports Excellence in Teaching Practice

Unio gives you a range of powerful tools to increase student engagement, monitor progress in real-time, personalise learning and provide one-to-one support to students who need it most.

What Our Users Say

Using Unio is a far more personalised way of learning — it is both a way of keeping pupils with you and engaged, and enables pupils to lead their own learning. There are so many features of a lesson all in one place, if you embrace it fully it will make your life easier!

Ms. Christina Bury Director of Learning,
Preparatory School
Mark Anderson
Educator, Author, Trainer
aka @ICTEvangelist

I’ve used Unio myself a few times now and it really does score massively well on the impact / effort prioritisation matrices.

If you are looking for a digital tool to assess students' outcomes, expose higher order thinking skills, enhance creativity and understand children's thinking, then Unio is a great solution.

Joe BlaneyICT Coordinator & Teacher
The Royal Kent School
Ms Diljit Hardy
Science Teacher
Lutterworth College

I really like that students can work through the lesson at my pace or at their own pace — they’re not going to get distracted because they’re having to wait for the rest of the class. It just makes it so much easier to manage the class.

Overall I’ve been pretty impressed with my initial introduction to Unio. It’s a very useful tool for delivering lesson content in a class that has plenty of devices – whether 1:1 or BYOD. It’s device-agnostic – so you can use it on anything with a web browser, so iPads, Chromebooks and laptops will all work

Danny NicholsonTeacher, Teacher Trainer
The Whiteboard Blog (Founder)

Active Work with Teachers

If John Hattie and Dylan Wiliam have taught us anything, it’s that powerful feedback leads to powerful outcomes. That is why we work closely with classroom practitioners at all stages to make sure that we always know how to improve.

Teacher Tech Board

Our Teacher Tech Board meets to discuss best classroom practices, developments in educational research and future challenges. Unio members are invited to consult our Tech Board in order to gain insight and feedback on using Unio in class. Click here to find out more about the board.


We offer participating schools free school-wide access to Unio training from our specialists; as well as the opportunity to work closely with an education company to create technology that is designed specifically according to your needs. Get in touch to find out more. 


We have made  a commitment to speak to teachers everyday: at schools, in our offices, at conferences, by email and on social media. We would love to hear from you so please do get in touch if you have any feedback or practices you would like to share!

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Teachers who use Unio, say it is “incredibly easy to use”.
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Unio is device-agnostic, and can be used on any desktop, laptop or tablet.

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Use Unio on any web browser. No software download required.

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