“Teachers are not the obstacles to progress”. P.A.U Education’s Pierre-Antoine Ullmo speaks out

Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, CEO of PAU Education and investor in Harness Handitouch, an award-winning EdTech company, has spoken out preceding the launch of Harness’ release of their new product, Unio By Harness, rejecting the idea that teachers today are battling against the digital natives of the classroom. “It’s not good enough to say teachers aren’t ‘techy’”, […]

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Unio By Harness Launches!

So much of the world we experience today, is played out on a digital field. We communicate through digital devices, the first thing we look at when we wake up is our phone, and many children arrive in Key Stage 1 with a better understanding of how to use tablet technology than many adults. It […]

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Fixing the feedback loophole with Unio By Harness

It’s a question that teachers have asked themselves since the very first class was assembled: how much have my students understood? Are they even properly listening? When we were discussing the difference between a verb and an adverb, did they understand, or simply smile and nod? One way for teachers to be sure how much […]

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But how can we know that students are learning?

– Guest Blog by former Head of ICT at SSAT and current Educational Technologist, Tony ParkinIt’s an age-old problem. How do we know what the children know? How can teachers be confident that the students are learning what they are being taught? Monitoring has always been a challenge, and many approaches to meet it merely […]

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