For Teachers, by Teachers

About Us

Harness is an award-winning education technology company based in the UK. Since our founding in 2014, we have continuously been striving to develop and spread our next-gen, interactive teaching software: Unio, one of the winners of the prestigious Open Education Challenge (OEC).

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Meet the Team

Meir Malinsky

Chief Operating Officer

Meir, our CEO, leads Unio’s vision to create the best breed of edtech. He has extensive experience managing companies of all sizes, from large multinationals to emerging start-ups. Meir has been immersed in education since childhood; both his parents and his brother are teachers. Meir has an MBA and speaks 6 languages.

Nihal Salah

Sales & Marketing

Nihal, our Marketing & Sales Director, has worked with a range of organisations, including Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, SMEs, universities and schools around the world. She has a background in market research and strategy, and experience in tech, education, and fast-moving consumer goods. In her free time, Nihal enjoys extreme sports, travelling, and writing poetry.

Russell Albert

Chief Technology Officer

Russell, our Chief Technology Officer, leads Unio’s technology development. He has spent the majority of his 27 years in technology building tech solutions for content distribution, telecoms, and retail. As a result, he has deep experience in the management of software teams, as well as the infrastructure over which those solutions are delivered.

Assaf Zaban

Pedagogical & Learning Specialist

Assaf is a former headteacher who ran a unique school in Jerusalem, and before that he was a Maths and Science teacher. He has an MSc in Science Teaching. He’s passionate about improving Teacher-Student interaction, Neuro-Education and Growth Mindsets. In his free time, Assaf loves travelling with his family, attending concerts and cooking Mediterranean food.

Some of the Teachers We're Working With

Ms Christina Bury

Director of Learning

Felsted Preparatory School

Ms Diljit hardy

Science Teacher

Lutterworth College

Mr Ross Neale

Chemistry Teacher

Colchester Grammar

Mark Anderson

Former School Leader

a.k.a. @ICTEvangelist

Our Investors

Harness has raised several rounds of funding from a diverse group of investors and institutions committed to the development of EdTech products in Europe and beyond.

A privately owned company, based in Barcelona, that has been a major contributor to innovative learning in all areas of social development for twenty years. PAU also gathers together large European family funds and VC investors.

A privately owned investment company, based in Luxembourg, that specialises in capital development for small and mid cap companies with highly entrepreneurial spirit and international potential.


Perennity Investments is a privately owned investment company, based in Luxembourg, that specialises in real estate development and Investment. Perennity Investments is also involved in private equity for small and mid cap companies with an international exposition