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Harness is an award-winning education technology company based in the UK. Founded in 2014, the company was one of the winners of the prestigious Open Education Challenge (OEC) held in Europe, under the patronage of the European Commission.

At Harness, we believe that teachers are at the heart of the classroom and that technology should empower them to provide students with the inspirational learning experiences and one-to-one attention they deserve.

We are convinced that technology destined for the classroom should be developed hand-in-hand with teachers. This is why we always involve them in our development process – from concept creation through to live testing – to ensure we are constantly meeting teachers’ current and future needs.

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Our Investors

Harness has successfully raised several rounds of funding.

Led by Armat Group and PAU Education, our group of investors is committed to the development of EdTech products in Europe and beyond. They founded the Open Education Challenge, the European EdTech incubator supported by the European Union, and also invest directly in EdTech startups.

A privately owned company, based in Barcelona, that has been a major contributor to innovative learning in all areas of social development for twenty years. PAU also gathers together large European family funds and VC investors.

A privately owned investment company, based in Luxembourg, that specialises in capital development for small and mid cap companies with highly entrepreneurial spirit and international potential.


Perennity Investments is a privately owned investment company, based in Luxembourg, that specialises in real estate development and Investment. Perennity Investments is also involved in private equity for small and mid cap companies with an international exposition

Meet The Team

Meir Malinsky

Chief Executive Officer

Russell Albert

Chief Technical Officer

Assaf Zaban

Pedagogical & Learning

Nihal Salah

Marketing &
Sales Director



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